Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shop And Save!

Here at Country Living Primitives we are serious about saving you money. Currently you can purchase a Katie's Light House "Washington Wood 2 Tier Wrought Iron" chandelier finished in black rub from national retailer The Country House for $349.00 or you can purchase the exact same chandelier from us for $278.25 the choice is yours. Either way you will not be disappointed this chandelier is well worth the $349 price tag, but then again why pay that much if you don't have to?

If you are looking for primitive lighting fixtures we have an assortment of breath taking fixtures to compliment your decor style. Be sure to check out all the Katie's Light House fine lighting products on our website.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wood Chandelier Lighting Assembly & Installation Guide

Thinking about adding some chandeleir lighting to your home but not sure if you can handle the project? Katie's Light House has made this do it yourself project a lot easier with a wood chandelier instructional video. Click to see the Wood Chandelier Lighting Assembly & Installation Video.

What ever your design taste or style Katie's Light House has a wood or metal chandelier for you. Each chandelier is handcrafted in an 18th century style that is second to none. These colonial reproduction chandeleirs are of the finest quality available in America today.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lincoln Self Storage Takes Priority...

Just when was progressing nicely it was dropped like a hot tamale for another venture by my wifes husband and his son. is the culprit, Lincoln West Storage is a self storage facility located on the west side of Ephrata in Lincoln Pennsylvania. The latest venture, build a website for marketing self storage units to the Ephrata Pa residents.
Mission accomplished... NEED STORAGE? WE CAN HELP!

Now back to work at Country Living Primitives.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Starting Over

Country Living Primitives is Jan's latest venture, similar to Country Porch Primitives but this business is truly her own. In June of 2009 Country Living Primitives LLC. was formed and work was begun to build

Unlike her old website this one is user friendly and allows you the customer to order Primitive Lighting and Amish Handcrafted Furniture in your own color combinations. Country Living Primitives specializes in Katies Light House reproduction colonial lighting products.

Add some warmth & Olde Country Charm to the foyer of your home with a Primitive Chandelier like the Elder IV Wooden Chandelier. Need something smaller for a dining room or hallway? May we suggest either our Newton Wood Chandelier or the Primitive Abigail Chandelier.

We would like you, the customer, to take as much pride in showing off your primitive chandeliers, lamps, lanterns, sconces, bar lights and accessories as we do in making them. When you buy a light from Katie's Light House, you're not just buying a beautiful light fixture... you're buying an heirloom-worthy piece of art and preserving American heritage and crafstmanship for future generations.

Visit us at Country Living Primitives today!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello world,
After months of silence I have hijacked this blog to tell you a little bit about what is happening in our lives. My wife is still busy with her "hobby" which has been doing quite well. My wifes husband has just started a brand new venture working for where he will be developing an online store. Shady Maple Gift Shop is a 40,000 square foot gift shop retailing all kinds of souvenirs, foods and merchandise to the local Lancaster County tourist trade as well as selling sports memorabilia and collectibles like Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore, Disney, Lennox and more... There is nothing like a little competition within the family to keep life interesting. Well I gotta run before my wife discovers I am using her blog for my gain.
My Wifes Husband

Monday, March 10, 2008

Discovering The Perfect Hobby

It all began rather innocently, I needed a hobby something to do for a few hours a week, something that I enjoyed. As I thought about what I enjoyed there were two things that came to mind, shopping and decorating. On my shopping excursions I often thought it would be neat to have a little Country Gift Shop of my own. Now an idea began to form in the dark recesses of my mind, my husband was involved in a family supermarket business, would it be possible to have just a few feet of space to sell some Country Decor'.

It was decided that Hayloft Fabrics which is a quilt fabric shop would be able to spare a few feet in the loft area of the supermarket for my gift shop to take form. Imagine that, I love to shop and decorate, now I could do both as I purchased merchandise for my shop and then decorated it. Then to get paid for doing it, who says hobbies have to cost money?

My little venture quickly outgrew its corner as Hayloft Fabrics began to expand and my shop became popular as well. In the summer of 2007 we moved it to the ground floor into a 3,000 square foot area off the mall of the supermarket and Country Porch Primitives was born. I now had space to stock a full line of primitive pine accent furniture and 1,000's of Country Decor items. If you ever get into Morgantown, Pennsylvania come and see us you will not be disappointed.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Welcome To Primitive Country Living

A number of years ago out of total boredom or wait a minute, maybe it was just the need to get away that I came up with this hair brained idea that a mother of 4 mischievous but adorable children needs a hobby. So I began to ponder this extremely important and deeeeeeply troubling question, what to do for a hobby when your daily routine is a constant reminder that a woman's work is never done. She slaves away 24-7 meeting the needs of her family but if by chance she would find a spare moment that had fallen through the cracks somewhere she certainly should have a hobby to fill it.
Sure enough several weeks later I once again had a spare moment or two and once again it became increasingly obvious that indeed I needed a hobby. After all, idle hands are the devils workshop therefore one should never set idly by even if it is for a few long minutes till the load of wash is done or the bread is baked. No I definitely needed a hobby.

My family was a wonderful help in my quest for the ultimate hobby. They made suggestions like taking up reading or perhaps I could get a part time job. Wait a minute I thought hobbies were something you do for fun, not something you dread or slave over. I mean they enjoy their hobbies why shouldn't I enjoy mine?

Take that book idea for instance, who in their right mind would sit idly by in a chair, nose engrossed in 1,000's of pages of the likes of King Aurthur and The Knights Of The Round Table? I am sure that has to be some of the driest reading imaginable, even if it isn't I am not going to risk it. I would rather just sit here watching the fire burn, now that is a real profitable hobby. As for the job idea, I wonder if there isn't some kind of an underlying motive here, maybe something like my hobby would financially support theirs. Ah Ha, who says a blonde isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer?

Well since my idle moment has just about past I will have to fill you in another day about how I discovered the ultimate hobby. What is it you ask, stay tuned for more details or read about it on my website